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Vein Removal

Thermavein- ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal of facial veins. Treatments typically are done in 30 minutes or less and patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after! Thermavein used

Reasons to Choose ThermaVein

  • No skin penetration
  • No anesthesia
  • Non Surgical
  • No topical numbing cream
  • No post-treatment bandages
  • No recovery time

​​Nd Yag 1064 Laser Vein Removal- 

The Harmony laser by Alma utilizes advanced laser technology with a proven safety record. Patients of all skin colors can be treated safely  and effectively with this laser. The laser will target problem veins while leaving your skin unharmed. After the treatment, the blood vessel will fade and disappear.

One to Four treatments should remove the veins for good, but on occasion one or two additional treatments may be necessary. Treatments should take place four to six weeks apart.

During your consultation, your treatment provider will examine your veins, discuss your goals and develop a treatment plan with you.