Mesotherapy is a simple, non-invasive procedure which is used for treatment of unwanted fat/ body contouring, cellulite treatment and skin rejuvenation. 

Generally, a series of treatments is recommended for the best results. 
Mesotherapy is safe to incorporate with other cosmetic procedures such as BOTOX®, Dermal Fillers, Cavi Lipo, Accent Skin Tightening. Most of the patients do not have any side effects but there is a chance of a bruising, swelling, soreness, itching and allergic reaction. Most adverse events are mild and resolve within a week or two. A test spot is required 24 hours prior to treatment to rule out any adverse allergic reaction.

Treatment Information 

An average of 8-10 treatments is required to maximize the effect of mesotherapy. Pain and discomfort is minimal. There are minimal side effects. Bruising which is temporary and lasts a few days is the most common. We individually skin test all clients prior to use to make sure clients will have no allergic reactions. The cosmetic effects can be dramatic with Mesotherapy and Liposuction work against cellulite. 

What is Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition affecting millions of women. Those with a slim figure often complain about cellulite's external visible symptoms: lumpy, dimpled, often discolored appearance. Cellulite typically appears on the hips, buttocks and legs.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that involves injections into the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin, to stimulate the removal of cellulite, wrinkles, excess fat, and sagging skin. The treatment involves localized injections of vitamins, minerals, collagen, and other nutrients. Each injection offers freedom from more invasive treatments that require anesthesia and surgery and helps the body to heal itself from the inside out. 

What areas of the body does Mesotherapy treat? 

Mesotherapy can be used on various parts of the body. Most generally, treatments under the chin, arms, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs

Is Mesotherapy covered by health insurance providers? 

Mesotherapy is considered to be a cosmetic procedure so most health insurance providers will not cover the treatment.