PRP Hair Restoration


Platelet rich plasma treatment, or PRP for hair loss, is a revolutionary hair growth therapy. PRP treatments have recorded a nearly 80 % success rate, however the results can vary from person to person.

Like having a blood test, your blood will first be collected from a vein. This blood is put in a centrifuge for 15 minutes to be spun down. Through this spinning process the platelets are concentrated. The concentrated platelets, which now contain the abundant growth factors, are ready to be used on the scalp.

Before undergoing the platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss, the patient’s scalp will be numbed. The PRP will then be injected and/or micro penned onto the scalp. You may return to daily activities with almost no down time, however there may be slight discomfort at the treatment site and your scalp will require sun protection.

Who is not a candidate for PRP treatment?

Patients who suffer from the following conditions are not candidates for platelet rich plasma treatment:

Any current scalp infections
A history of viral infections such as shingles
Clotting disorders
Those who are on a blood thinning regime or
immunosuppressive medications such as Clyosporin

Additionally, PRP treatment is unlikely to help those patients whose hair follicles are completely lost.