I have visited Flawless three times now. Mary has done Botox on me twice. Loved the results! But now my kids only know I am angry when I raise my voice as I am no longer able to give “the look”. But I can’t go back to life without it now. I’ll never go back to doing an impersonation of a Sharpei each time I am excited/angry or sad. Flawless has me for life. As I have decided to not go down without a fight.
I’ve also had lip filler. I used to have big juicy lips in my younger years. Maybe I was better hydrated then, but my lips have started to look like a child’s shriveled balloon a week after her birthday party. So I requested a natural look, actually terrified to have the ridiculous Lisa Renna look, and that’s what I got, the natural look. Mary had restored how my lips used to look perfectly. Mary says she a nurse but I swear she’s an artist that uses needles instead of brushes. I also had laser hair removal ( I’m in deep, send help) with, umm, I can’t remember her name but she has hair the color of blue cotton candy and a decorative bull ring through her nose. She was very professional, reassuring and a nice girl. So there I am getting my lady parts getting zapped by what feels like a futuristic torture device, but with a cool tip, trying not to either scream or punch the cotton candy haired girl in the face. She must have seen the pain registering on my face and asked if I needed a break. Yes please, but then I ask for more. What is wrong with me? Not sure. But I know what’s right. This place. This the place is right. I have referred several people wanting to go full out Kardashian and broads like myself who need a little professional help with up keep. So the next time you go tell them Kellie Fallon sent you. They give you points for each person that refers you and Lord knows I’m going back they have a ton of upkeep potions, tricks & machines to keep you looking your best there. As a matter fact I’ll probably be in the lobby waiting for my next appointment when you come in, be sure to say hi